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My story...

Marcus Mobbark


Well versed in structuring, developing and implementing interactive websites, my goal, my desire, is to continue developing my knowledge and experience to fill my “toolbox” in favor of future programming challenges that are constantly evolving in today's rapidly changing environment.

Marcus Mobark [Pre-Student]


My first ever project was on behalf of Grubits AB – Städservice som alltid är på G.

Without any knowledge or experience i downloaded a Template + Adobe DreamWeaver and succeeded making my first ever "website"

Lernia [Student]

System- and Web Development - Agile Methods

Advanced Higher Vocational Education Diploma in System- and Web Development - Agile Methods

Freelance [Junior Developer]

SCRUM, Html, Css, Javascript/Typescript, MEAN Stack, Wordpress

Various on-demand projects. Mostly simple webpages for contacting and marketing purposes, but also larger scale websites (for educational purposes only).